The power of colour

Packaging is a part of everyday life, and packaging produced by the gravure process is nearly as colourful as life itself. Continually increasing market demands on packaging design, functionality and ecological impact translate directly into new challenges for the production process. Printers must be able to produce consistently precise fi nescreen images on a wide range of different substrates whatever the run length. On repeat jobs, the quality naturally has to be identical.

Böttcher supports gravure printers with products adapted to the needs of the different application areas, from the production of fl exible packaging incorporating different types of film, paper and metal foils to the manufacture of folding cartons or the processing of laminated materials for beverage cartons. Böttcher impression and inking rollers enhance production stability on both long and short print runs and ensure consistency when printing frequent repeat jobs.

Our modern rubber and polyurethane coverings meet the most stringent requirements for conventional and ESA package printing.

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